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Keeping Memories Alive

A couple of days ago I was reminiscing of family members who have gone on to be with the Lord. I found myself smiling, laughing, and crying reflecting about the memories they left embedded in my head. I soon realized that I was singing the words to this song.

I remixed this particular song ten years ago for my cousin, soon after his mom passed. It is R Kelly’s 1993 remake of the original Sadie (1975) by The Spinners. I hope you enjoy it. Better yet; may it trigger the good times you remember with your family members who are no longer with you.


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Just another conversation while at work.

(The following was originally posted on August 22, 2016 under my other blog.)

Today I was riding with my co-worker. We normally drive in separate vehicles, but my work vehicle is in use by someone else. We were having regular chit chat and somehow the movie Powder was mentioned. By the way, it was an excellent movie in my opinion. If you plan on watching it, stop reading this now. Go watch it and then check back in.
Anyway, we mentioned how emotional we got watching it. He said that in the end of the movie Powder sacrificed himself. I thought for a moment about what he said. I responded and said, like Jesus. To me, there seemed to be a similarity. There was a scene when the sheriff’s dying mother, unable to speak, was able to let her son know everything was going to alright before she passed. Powder allowed that to happen. He bought a boy back to life. He let a deputy know what it was like to breathe your breathe. Also, Powder asked, “how long do you really think I’ll let you keep me here.” Just like Jesus, he had all power. In the end, things were getting worse in the town. So Powder chose to give his life so everyone would be better off. I will have to re-watch that movie sometime this week to get a better understanding as to why I used the comparison between the two.

Until next time, God bless and have a wonderful, fulfilling day.