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Remember Going To Drive-in Theaters Growing Up



Those were some of the good times of my childhood. The pictures above are from the one I use to go to. We would pile in the vehicles. When I say pile in, that includes the back floor and the trunk. We were frugal, so we snuck in our food and drinks. Occasionally, someone would be gracious enough to buy popcorn.

I really enjoyed the coming attractions and jingles as well. We went to see double or triple features. When it was time for the actual movie, everyone settled down. The speaker did not have a volume control. It was muffled when loud music and sound effects were playing. Unfortunately, there was no surround sound back then, or even a dual speaker system.

After the first movie was over, everyone was heading to the concession stand and restrooms. By the time the second movie started, my eyelids were heavy from being up all day and from the ‘itis. I normally slept through the second one. But if it were a triple feature, I was wide awake for the final movie.

All in all, it was a joyous event. As we were leaving, looking on the ground looked like a dump site. There was trash everywhere. The next school day, all the talk was the movies. We would reenact the action scenes all day long.

To quote Forest Gump, “That’s all I have to say about that.” Soooooooooooooooooo, did you go to the drive-in? How was your experience? Please leave a comment and let us all reminisce together.



DJ KennyMan