SOS: Slow Jam Mix

This week’s session is a slow jam mix. It brought back memories for me. Not emotional memories, but more like new frontier musical memories. 

It was when I made my first actual slow jam mixtape. It was back in ’96. I was stationed in South Korea at the time. I had just got my first set of DJ CD Players. Back then, it was unprecedented to blend slow songs together. 

I know we all remember our first so-called slow jam mixtape. The grueling days of playing a song, pausing the cassette recorder, finding the next song, and then start the recording again. It was time consuming, but the outcome was worth all the work.

Wow, look at that word, cassette. Geez, I am old! I can even remember the eight track days. Jamming folded paper next to the tape so it would play correctly. Man; times sure have changed. 

 Alright, alright!!!! Snap out of it!!! Come back from down memory lane. As I was saying, this is a slow jam mixtape. It may not have the classic jams us older folk grew up on; but I hope you like it just the same. As usual, please feel free to comment. 


DJ KennyMan



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